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This is a review of the movie “Hotel for Dogs” for parents. We were very pleasantly surprised by this movie, as given the subject, we’d expected a lot more potty humour than there actually was. Yes, there is the requisite “humour” about dog poop, but not nearly so much as we’d feared, and mostly (although not always) in the context of the really cool inventions that one of the children comes up with.


The story is, basically, that a brother and sister in foster care seem to always be in and out of trouble. In the opening scene, they scam a pawn shop (so they are essentially stealing – be warned), and are quickly caught. Their social worker bails them out and it becomes clear that the kids are close to being bounced from their 4th or 5th foster home, and this time, they may have to be split up, if they don’t get their act together.

To compound things, they have been hiding their family dog the entire time that they have been in foster care. The up side of this plot line is that it shows a fierce commitment to caring for one’s pets.

As they are trying to find a new place to hide their dog, they end up following him into the spooky, old, abandoned hotel, where they find two other dogs hiding, and thus the idea is born.

This movie does have a strong theme of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, which may require having a discussion about that with your children, depending on their age and your own family values.

The ending is delightful, if predictable.

Again, we were pleasantly surprised at how relatively appropriate this movie was – in fact, as between Hotel for Dogs, which is rated PG, and The Tale of Desperaux, which is inexplicably rated only G, I’d definitely go with Hotel for Dogs – in fact, the ratings should be switched.

Hotel for Dogs [Theatrical Release]

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