The Tale of Despereaux

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Everyone knows that movies are never as good as the book, but we were willing to take a chance on The Tale of Despereaux because, well, because it’s so rare for a G movie to come out, and because the story has such potential. The Tale of Despereaux is a charming book; unfortunately it was a less charming movie.


About movies not being as good as the book – in this case, the movie completely rewrote the book! They not only strayed, but they added things from the very start. In fact, they changed the story in some very fundamental ways, including adding a genie made of vegetables who becomes one of the stories co-heros!

In addition, this movies was far more violent and intense than it should have been with a G rating. Yes, we are on the extreme end (that’s why you trust our reviews), but many other parents I know who are less extreme agreed that this movie should have been rated PG at the very least. There are several fantasy scenes of knights battling a dragon, and in one fantasy scene a large scaffolding falls on some bad guys, squashing them flat.

There is also a scary scene where Despereaux is forced to face an enormous attack cat in a gladiator ring, and later in the movie the princess is dragged, hog-tied, into the gladiator ring so that the rats can eat her.

In all, this movie was a huge disappointment. People who have not read the book, and who don’t mind exposing their children to some animated violence, may not care, but all others should steer clear.

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