Aani and the Treehuggers

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This delightful picture book is based on a true story, which took place in India when an entire village stood firm against the Maharaja’s men, who had come to cut down many trees in the village to use the wood for building elsewhere. The villagers, who respected and relied on the trees for so many things such as fruit, shade, fuel, and homes for local animals, actually hugged the trees and protected them with their bodies. In the story, nobody is harmed, the trees are saved, and eventually the men leave without cutting down any trees.


In reality, many villagers were first killed before the trees were finally spared, however this is not alluded to at all in the story itself.

There was nothing objectionable in this book at all, and I would have no problem reading or giving it to a child of any age.

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Aani and the Tree Huggers

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