Aliens in the Attic

   A Parental Review of "Aliens in the Attic" for Concerned Parents:
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Aliens in the Attic has a funny gimmick: aliens using video game controllers to control humans (they first have to shoot a mind-control plug into the back of the human’s neck, and it only works on adults).


Unfortunately, while this allows for some very funny scenes, it also is the basis for a great deal of violence, along with the alien-versus-children violence which abounds, in both directions. Sure, the aliens are knee-high, but they are armed, and definitely dangerous. And, towards the end, they get enlarged many-fold and become very scary giants.

Bottom line: this is not a movie for children under the age of, say, 13, and even then only if you are ok with a lot of violence and weapons. And even then, be prepared to see what appears to be a 20-something man engaged in a very violent fight with grandma.

The one saving grace for this movie is that it does have a strong message that it’s cool to be the smart, nerdy math geek. We liked that. But not enough to recommend the movie for anyone under 13.

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