A Parental Review of "Austenland" for Concerned Parents:
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Austenland is every bit as silly as one ought expect from the previews (trailers). One might expect a bit more from Keri Russell and Jane Seymour (although not necessarily from Jennifer Coolidge), but Austenland is pure fluff, through and through.


That said, it is very entertaining fluff, and a fun way to spend an hour and thirty-seven minutes, and many may not even see the twist ending coming.


This is a film for which the PG-13 rating is spot on. It would be absolutely fine for teens age 13 and up, but there is enough innuendo, and some blatant sex references (not to mention full-on crotch shots of men in tights with enormous ‘enhancements’ stuffed in their pants) that you may want to think twice before bringing a child younger than thirteen to this film.

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