Bedtime Stories

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I was absolutely disgusted by Bedtime Stories, a movie that I had been told by someone whose judgement I (once) trusted, was completely appropriate.


I, however, don’t think that having a character named “Sir Buttkiss”, who “will kiss the butt of anybody” is approriate. Nor do I think that closeups of a horse passing gas, watching someone drop kick a creature (a goblin), watching a dwarf kick the main character, having a grownup tell kids “I’ll always be there like the stink on your feet”, or having the sexy blonde invite the main character into the hot tub with champagne are appropriate.

And that’s before we talk about the (fantasy) western scene where he draws his pistol, and shoots someone.

The final scene includes fighting, a strange weapon that extends an arm and slaps the opponent across the face several times, yells of “Kick his butt” and someone being slimed by the “Booger monster.”

It’s a shame, because the premise had promise, but rather than take the high ground the producer went for cheap, sophomoric laughs, and in the doing rendered the movie completely unacceptable.

Bedtime Stories

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  1. Comment by Anmarie

    Bedtime stories completely flew off of the PG rating posted on it’s otherwise child inticing cover. I would not suggest viewing this movie with your children unless of course you are not easily offended by the content of most motion pictures.

    Sex/Nudity: There are numerous innapropriate scenes where womens cleavage are revealed. Often these scenes were associated with woman in small, revealing bikinis or dresses/tops.

    There is a strong sense of sexual tension often pending on the scantily-clad outfits we see the character, “Violet”, wearing throughout the movie. There are multiple beach scenes where women walk around in bikinis revealing portions of their butts and wearing small bikini tops leaving nothing to the imagination.

    The character, Violet, plays a celebrity daughter obsessed with partying and night-life situations. As most celebrities, she portrays the very sexually enticing blonde who in my opinion is dressed very innapropriately for a childrens PG rated Disney movie.

    There is a scene both in the imaginary story told by the children and the plot that actually takes place where you see several women sitting around a table eating. Two women show an excessive amount of cleavage where it looks as though their breasts are “pushed up” out of the midlines of their tank tops. The other women are similiar but not as drastic. Adam Sandlers character gloats about his “girlfriend” with these women as they comment on his ghastly, pimple ridden appearance back in highschool and he calls one of the women fat. They proceed to tell him how good he looks now that he’s older.

    Towards the end of the movie we see a night pool scene where many men are walking around shirtless either serving drinks to the guests or flame tossing. One man is wearing a hawaiian style skirt and cocoanut bra. There are women in bikinis. The character, Violet, walks out of the pool, wet, wearing a small white bikini – sexuality is obviously the incentive for this scene.

    There are several instances throughout the movie where the 6 year old boy uses the word “hot” in reference to an 8 year old girl at his elementary that he likes and wants to kiss. The character played by Adam Sandler also uses this reference and continuously tries to convince the children to tell their version of bedtime stories where he hooks up with the sexually inviting Violet character and later his romantic thoughts are turned to a character close to the children.

    You do see the 8 year old girl kiss the 6 year old boy. Adam Sandlers character almost kisses Violet before he is kicked by a Dwarf who screams, “I hate big people!” Later his character does kiss another woman in front of the elementary school.

    Depending on the age of your children, they may not understand the content of the movie. It’s obvious the producer did not intend for this to be solely marketed to a younger viewing audience. Children might laugh at the fantasy related portions of the movie but the underlying theme is something of violence, sex, and the idea that, “there are never happy endings in life.” I prefer to preview movies before showing them to my child. I did not feel comfortable watching this movie even with my husband. Strongly not suggested for a family popcorn movie night.

  2. Comment by Stacey Battista

    Get over yourself already. My god what is your problem with an eight year old boy calling an eight year old girl hot. Do you not remember being young. Sexuality is just part of life. And yes I am a mother and have 3 children the youngest being an 8 year old who tells me girls are hot all the time, way before he even saw the movie. By the way my brother was in the movie, he was the fat hairy guy on the beach wearing a toga. Adam Sandler by the way broke his leg while the mopvie was being made. Thank god he recovered nicely and was able to finish in time for december opening. It was an hysterical movie. Despite stuffy closeminded people like you who believe if a woman shows cleavage its “dirty”. We were all given breasts and some are quite beautiful. Jealous???

  3. Comment by Amanda

    Stacey, who is being close minded here? Can’t you let someone explain their point of view without being so RUDE? Anmarie is merely pointing out that it’s a little creepy and inappropriate to put revealing content like cleavage and women in small bikinis in what is meant to be a KIDS movie. There is no reason to have half naked women with their goods all hanging out in a Disney movie for Pete’s sake! Women are overly sexualized in SO much of America’s media, and it’s unsettling that it’s also showing up in children’s movies. Perhaps it doesn’t bother you, and that’s fine. Some people don’t care to see so much skin in a kid’s movie though!

    Oh, and the whole bit about Anmarie “being” jealous? You can’t be serious! For one, I’m 21 and I have a smokin’ body and I still was creeped out seeing this content in a kids movie! Not everyone who thinks it’s inappropriate to show women’s bodies sexually in a kids movie is jealous, sweetie. Now, YOU get over yourself. 😉

    I thought the movie was alright… but it really wasn’t that funny. Some of the actors were over the top and came off as corny. Also, I think the movie was a little deep for some children to understand, there was a lot of adult themes such as consumerism and materialism.
    It was an okay movie, but I honestly would not watch it again. Nor would my younger siblings, who fell asleep during it!
    Disney movies now sure are different that the ones when I was growing up, that’s for SURE!

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