Bridge to Terebithia

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I actually saw this move by chance, as it was on TV and nothing else was on. It drew me in right away, though, and definitely stuck with me afterwards! It was ripe with beautiful cinematography, and had fantasy-themes that struck a chord with the inner-child in me; I would have had even more fun with these scenes as a child. Its like the writers walked into the head of a child, plucked out their imagination land, and put it on the big screen. Perhaps what I loved most about this movie was that it addresses some key issues that many children face: the social dynamics of school, the feelings of needing to measure-up to other kids, the feelings of not fitting in. The movie depicts overcoming these obstacles through creativity and finding kinship in unexpected places.


But alas, there is a sad and heavy side to this movie that, while it is the sole heavy issue, its a biggie. *SPOILER ALERT*: the girl who our poor little movie hero befriends, dies in the end of the movie by accidental drowning. It was sad, even for an adult like me. It turns out that the movie is actually based on true events; the author of the book has a son who, when he was a child, suffered the tragic loss of a friend who was struck by lightning. She wrote this book for him to help him cope. The sweet thing is, the son is who, 30 years later, wrote the screen adaptation. So this movie was fantastic, but really quite a heavy subject. On the other hand, it may be a fantastic option for helping children who are coping with an unexpected loss.

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