Evan Almighty

   A Parental Review of "Evan Almighty" for Concerned Parents:
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Evan Almighty is a comedic film that is the sequal to the box office hit, “Bruce Almighty”. It picks up with Evan, the small role that occurred in the first movie; an anchor man who works at the Buffalo, NY news station. In the sequel, Evan gets elected to congress, where his first task is to co-sponsor a bill to allow development in national parks. God, played once again by the incomparable Morgan Freeman, comes to Evan to build an ark, and bring aboard animals by the pairs. What this film brought with it was a message of respecting the earth and its inhabitants. In fact, because the message of the movie was specifically to support and protect the environment, this was NBC’s first film to offset the carbon footprint of the film. They calculated the carbon emissions of the movie, and planted enough trees to offset their emissions.


With all of the humor injected into this film, they managed to keep it clean and steer clear of bad potty humor, inappropriate language, and adult situations. A definite recommend.

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