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We’ve been waiting for a long time for “Evan Almighty” to open. My husband and I are Steve Carell fans, and we figured he’d be a good fit for this role. For the most part, we weren’t disappointed.


“Evan Almighty” tells the story of Evan Baxter, a newly elected congressman who finds himself tapped by God to build an ark – in the suburbs of D.C.. The story very quickly launches in to the main plot line, with animals starting to follow Evan early on in the movie. It’s mostly cute, but be warned: there are a lot of bird poop site gags, each grosser than the next. There’s also a very overt scene of a dog pooping on the lawn.

In terms of inappropriate language, at one point someone says “shit”, once, and at another point someone is “pissed”. And one of Evan’s children repeatedly tells people that “the Argentine Lake duck has a penis as long as its body,” which is true, but didn’t add much to the movie.

Aside from the unnecessary lapses in language, a flood really does happen, and it’s rather intense. Nobody is killed in the flood (at least as far as anybody knows), but the scene of the wall of water crashing into houses, the boat, people being sloshed around in the boat and, at one point, the boat plummeting over the falls, are all rather intense, and may be scary for a younger child (actually I found it too intense and looked away a few times).

On minor quibble: it’s hard to take Morgan Freeman seriously as God when he has such bad teeth.

If the above doesn’t scare you off, however, the movie is otherwise an enjoyable movie, and the animals steal all of the scenes they are in, which is a great many of them.

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