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“Happy Feet” is the story of a misfit penguin, Mumble, who is different from all the others. For one, he can’t sing (in this world penguins sing, and their “heart song” helps guide their destiny. For another, he dances.


It is Mumble’s dancing that gets him in trouble with the elders of the penguin flock, who are very much a stereotype of the old-style fire and brimstone elders at certain sorts of churches. Of course, it is also what becomes his saving grace, and how he saves the flock, and the world.

I personally found something offputting about the way Mumble looked…to me they made him look like he was mentally defective – what in the 50s they might have called “simple” – even though he wasn’t (which is why it bugged me).

Also there is a scene with “Lovelace”, who is a fake guru, and there is reference to some free love there, but it is pretty obscure. There are also a couple of intense moments when some leopard seals are trying to get some of the penguins, and as I recall the word b*tt is used (only once though, I think).

This is actually a message movie on two levels – there is the “it’s ok to be different” message – but it’s also a very in-your-face at the end environmental message. It was so in-your-face during the last few minutes that the first time I saw it, it turned me off (in part because the ending was so implausible), but it’s grown on me.

Also, you almost have to have seen March of the Penguins before seeing this movie, or a *lot* of it may not make as much sense to you. The movie seems to presuppose (and, I’d bet, bank on!) the fact that you have already seen March of the Penguins.

Happy Feet (Full Screen Edition)

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