A Parental Review of "Inkheart" for Concerned Parents:
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The movie Inkheart, which is shockingly rated ‘PG’, should be rated at least PG-13. It is goulish, and gruesome, with slavery, weapons, violence, and monsters galore.


The premise – which has so much promise – is that there are certain people in this world who can read a story into reality – that is, when they read aloud, the characters from the book enter our world. At the same time, a person from our world gets swapped into the book. Mo (Brendan Frasier) is one of these readers, and he’s learned about his ‘gift’ (curse) the hard way – when, while reading the book Inkheart to his young daughter, characters from the story came into our world, and Mo’s wife was swapped into the book. Of course, the characters from Inkheart are, for the most part, evil and malicious, and hell-bent on world domination.

In the end, good vanquishes evil, but there is a lot of scary, eerie, and occasionally gory action (such as when a coffin is thrown open to reveal a partially decaying corpse) along the way, with tons of implied violence.

I personally wish I hadn’t even seen this movie, and I definitely feel that a PG-13 rating would have been far more appropriate than the misleading ‘PG’ rating.

The Kid Says:

I disagree that this movie should be rated PG-13. Umm, the Shadow would be somewhat creepy for little kids, and make sure that they don’t get attached to Toto.


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  1. Comment by Dave Taylor

    I agree. The book was terrific and the film storyline had promise, but it fell too far down the computer graphics rabbit hole and never recovered, leaving a film that was incoherent, surprisingly graphic and violent, and performances that I felt were too intense for a PG children’s film.

  2. Comment by Vegetable Storage %0A

    inkheart has great graphics but the story is not that very impressive *”‘

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