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I went to see Kung Fu Panda on the off chance that it wouldn’t be as violent as I assumed it would be. This is very much the kind of movie that I go to see first, alone, to see if it’s appropriate for our son. And I’m so very glad that I did, because there isn’t a snowball’s chance that we would take him to see this movie.


It is every bit as violent as you might imagine. The plot is basically that the tubby, lazy son of the owner of a noodle restaurant dreams of being a Kung Fu expert, and is given his chance when the local Kung Fu master selects him as the ‘chosen one’ to deliver them from the town’s arch-villain who is just about to make a jail break. Much fighting ensues, the enemy is killed, the Kung Fu master dies.

If you must see this movie, get it on DVD and watch it yourself first, so you can at least know what you are in for, and skip (or at least discuss) the parts that you may not want your child exposed to.

Kung Fu Panda [Theatrical Release]

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  1. Comment by Abulea Cunningham

    I don’t think you stayed for the end of the movie. The panda’s kung fu master does not die. This movie lets kids of all shapes, sizes and color know that they can atain their goals. Wonderful show for all ages.

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