Lars and the Real Girl

   A Parental Review of "Lars and the Real Girl" for Concerned Parents:
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Lars and the Real Girl is an interesting movie in that, there really isn’t a lot of strong sexual discussion, adult content, or strong language, but the entire movie centers around a sex doll. However, the doll is not actually used in the context of a sex doll. Instead she is used as a companion for a shy, lonely, questionably delusional man. He orders the doll when he decides that he is ready for a loving relationship, but is unable to try to put himself out there to meet a real woman because of his crippling shyness.


Even though the movie itself is based around emotion, relationships, and the human dynamic, there is, as can be expected, a lot of jokes surrounding the fact that it is a sex doll. So those jokes, coupled with the glaring fact that the movie is centered around a sex doll, makes this movie totally inappropriate for children.

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