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Madagascar 2 was a huge disappointment. Not only is it full of violence, but it generally is a poorly done movie. As is so often the case, the sequel doesn’t come close to the original.


The premise of the movie is that after the animal friends lifted off in the airplane (which is how the original ended) they crash land in Africa and, by amazing coincidence, they land right where Alek’s parents’ live. Alek’s father is the king of the pride, and it turns out that while infant Alek was in his care, hunters had kidnapped him. This explains how he ended up in the New York City zoo. His parents of course thought he was dead.

Now, here is Alek, returned from the dead, and his parents are overjoyed.

But of course, there is a bad guy, who wants to take over as the leader, and the bad guy points out to Alek’s parents that Alek must still go through the rite of passage like any other cub, even though he is grown up now. That rite of passage is a fight.

And bad guy makes sure that Alek ends up fighting the biggest, meanest lion there is.

In addition to this fight, the little old lady from the first movie (the one who clobbered Alek in Grand Central Station) is back, and they engage in several fights.

In fact, at the end, the little old lady beats up the bad guy.

This movie is so violent and scary in some points that a little girl seated a few seats away from me started crying.

There is also a fair amount of innuendo, as Gloria (the hippo) meets a group of hippos and the biggest male takes a fancy to her. There is way too much “uh huh, I like em big – I like you because you’re sooo big”, purred in a deep throaty voice.

In fact, really, this movie had no redeeming qualities – the best part was the closing credits.

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa  [Theatrical Release]

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  1. Comment by Joelsmom23

    Thanks for the review! I will write my thoughts after my viewing!

  2. Comment by PracticalPresents

    If anyone has kids that are sensative to sexual innuendo this movie will send them through the roof! Maybe not a common issue, but for those of us who do this is pretty much the worst movie choice to make without A LOT of prep time. Good Luck!

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