A Parental Review of "Marmaduke" for Concerned Parents:
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We were actually surprised by how much we liked Marmaduke the movie because, frankly, we didn’t expect to like it. There are some scenes that are a bit intense, and if you take a younger child to see it you may want to let them know that nobody gets hurt, and that the dogs all end up ok.


The most intense is when Marmaduke and another dog are swept away in a broken water main, and it seems if they may not survive (they do, of course).

Also there is, of course, a lot of potty humor. For example, Marmaduke has a penchant for loudly releasing gas just as his humans are cuddling up in bed, and they in turn (over)react, comment on it, etc..

There is also a lot of bad attitude, rudeness, and bullying by the “pedigrees” – the doggie version of that A Group in high school who thought they were better than everyone else, and who picked on everyone else.

All that said, again, we really enjoyed the movie, although we would not want to take a younger child to see it.

The Kid Says:

This was a good movie but I would not recommend it for children much younger than 10 or 11.

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