A Parental Review of "Megamind" for Concerned Parents:
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The first thing that I want to say about Megamind is that it was much better than I’d expected. The second thing that I want to say is that this not a movie for all small children. It really depends on your child’s age, and their sensitivity to animated violence, and some scary scenes.


Perhaps the most important thing for parents of younger, or sensitive, children to know is that near the beginning of the movie, there is a huge explosion, in which Metro Man is (you are lead to believe) killed. First there is a big explosion, and then a skeleton comes flying at the other characters. It is a bit shocking.

There is a lot of violence, and a fair amount of peril. At one point the female lead character is chained at the top of a tower, threatened with doom; there is also an extended scene of her being flown around by a super character who repeatedly drops her, lets her plummet towards the ground, and then swoops in at the last minute to grab her (only to repeat the fly, drop and grab cycle several times).

If these are not issues for you, then we definitely recommend the movie, but if you are even a little concerned by these scenarios, we recommend you go see the movie on your own first before taking your child.

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