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We were looking for a good movie to show for “Movie Night” at our house for a group of 9 to 10 year old girls. We read some reviews and decided to take a chance on “Night at the Museum”.


The movie is about Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) who is a divorced dad who cannot seem to hold a job, keep a place to live, or pay his bills. Even his own son has a low opinion of him. Everything changes when Larry gets a job as a night watchman in the Museum of Natural History. He has been hired to replace three old security guards played by Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, and Bill Cobbs. What Larry discovers his first night on the job is that an old magical Egyptian stone causes all the museum exhibits to come to life each night until dawn.

This is where the movie becomes pretty intense. The first thing to come to life is an enormous dinosaur skeleton. After a lot of chasing around and destruction, it becomes apparent that the dinosaur wants to play fetch. There is a trouble making monkey who among other things, urinates on Larry, lions who want to hunt the other jungle creatures, and Huns at war with other characters. Larry’s job becomes attempting to control and to keep all these characters and animals from killing each other and to keep them from leaving the museum. If all the mayhem were not enough, it’s revealed that if any of the museum characters do go outside the museum, they will turn to dust at sunrise. We even witness this happening to one of the Neanderthals. The only help Larry gets comes from Teddy Roosevelt who is played by Robin Williams.

The story grows when Larry brings his son Nick to the museum to spend the night. That is when a further plot to steal the Egyptian stone is uncovered. It turns out that the three old security guards are ruthless thieves who have been plotting this theft for some time. Attempting to save the stone, Larry and his son try to convince all the warring characters to band together to foil the plot.

This movie is full of perilous situations. So much so that out of six 9 to 10 year old girls, four left the room about the time to jungle creatures came to life. When the dinosaur came to life at the beginning, most were hiding behind pillows. Of the two girls that insisted on seeing the whole thing, one had seen the movie already in the theater so was reporting to the other what was going to happen next.

For those who love peril, this movie is for you. Seeing Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney as heartless bad guys was quite a thing to behold (they were very believable). One girl couldn’t believe that the “guy from Mary Poppins” could be so mean. Of course there is also some potty humor thrown in and a love interest for Larry (and for Teddy Roosevelt too). The movie effects were phenomenal, but for younger viewers, this movie is pretty intense.

Night at the Museum (2-Disc Special Edition)

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  1. Comment by Francheska

    This was a good movie! Like above, it might be pretty intense for younger ones. My nine year old handled it fine.

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