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I cannot strongly enough say two words about “Surf’s Up”: Run Away!


Do not take your children to see this movie if you do not want them exposed to bad language, and potty humour of the worst kind (including one character intentionally urinating on another!)

Surf’s Up is rated PG for “mild language and some rude humor.” Frankly, I don’t consider having a character (a female lifeguard, at that) say “crap”, loudly and clearly, and repeatedly, “mild language”. Nor do I consider “pecker face”, “butt freeze”, and “sand in your eggsack” (yes, they meant that) to be mild language. A young penguin chick’s description of their birth as “she just pooped me out” leaves a bit to desired as well, as does someone calling another character a “dirty trash can full of poop.”

And “rude humor”?? There is an entire scene devoted to someone urinating on someone, as a “cure” for a sea urchin sting. And it isn’t done tactfully or delicately. In fact, it is in your face with relish.

I cannot recommend “Surf’s Up” for children of any age, although it’s not a bad movie for adults. It’s a shame, because it would have been a great movie without the language and rude scenes, which were completely unnecessary to the story.

Surf's Up

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