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The Last Mimzy is a whimsical story that nonetheless delivers a strong moral message (people are messing up the world, and it will affect generations to come, right down to their DNA and possibly causing the eventual demise of the world).


In the Last Mimzy, two children find a strange container on the beach, which contains a number of objects, including a stuffed toy bunny (this is Mimzy). It turns out that Mimzy and her accessories have been sent back from the future by scientists trying to make contact with someone who will care enough to try to right the wrongs (pollution, etc.) which have lead to this future and their generation being in grave danger.

I’ve now seen this movie three times. I first saw it on my own to determine whether it was appropriate for our 9-year-old son. I then saw it with him, and then a third time when he and I took my husband to see it.

We all enjoyed it very much, and our son, who is very concerned about the environment and animals, appreciated the theme and the moral. Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, who plays the little girl – and her character, absolutely stole the show – she was just perfect. And you’ll be amazed to barely recognize Timothy Hutton – where has he been all these years?

That said, there are a few moments which I wish he had not seen, and also a couple of moments which may be a bit intense for younger children.

Notable scenes which may be of concern are a live crab being cut in half with a cleaver on a television, each child using the word “stupid” (once), a teacher using the word “screw” (as in “pollution is screwing with our DNA”), a brief kissing scene between the teacher and his live-in fiancee which alludes to it developing into more (but it doesn’t), the word “terrorism” as an anti-terrorism meeting is misguidedly convened (in response to a black out – there is no terrorism), a brief moment when the anti-terrorism force bursts into the main character’s home with weapons drawn (very brief – they escort them out to talk with them – much less confrontational and invasive then the similar scene in E.T., and a scene where one of the children gets her hand trapped in a mechanism to send things to the future (this part is a bit intense, she is rescued within moments)). There is also a scene where you see in the future and it looks like someone comes up upon the main scientest from behind and assaults him, and he falls down (as if killed)

We really enjoyed this movie (I even enjoyed it the third time!), and the message far outweighed any concerns we had. However I would have preferred that our son not be exposed to some of those scenes – although he was only bothered by one, for which he covered his eyes the second time, and that was the scene where you see in the future and it looks like someone comes up upon the main scientest from behind and assaults him, and he falls down (as if killed).

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The Last Mimzy

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