The Princess and the Frog

   A Parental Review of "The Princess and the Frog" for Concerned Parents:
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Why is it that Disney insists on always, always, always killing off one of their main characters in just about every children’s movie? As if children’s feelings aren’t jerked around enough just by the fact of growing and learning, do we really have to subject them to getting attached to a character only to have it killed off? (Or seeing a parent figure get killed, as in Bambi, and The Lion King?)


The Princess and the Frog is no different. You may as well know right up front that the character of Ray, the lightning bug – who is definitely a main character with whom your children will connect – gets killed off. And it’s very sad.

Beyond the sadness of the death of Ray, there are many scary scenes. I mean, really scary. The witch doctor is in touch with the underworld, and conjures up all manner of shadowy demons to chase down the hero and heroine. In addition, the witch doctor has an amulet that requires the blood of the prince, and there are a couple of scenes of him getting that blood.

In all, this is not a movie for young children, despite – or maybe because of – it being a Disney movie.

The adults in our family enjoyed this movie, but knowing what we know now, we would never take a child younger than, say, 7 or 8, to see this movie.

The Kid Says:

Children under the age of 8 should not see this movie because there is too much creepiness in it. Also towards the scene where the witch doctor is about to kill Ray I would recommend pointing behind you and saying to your child “Look! A popcorn fight” and covering their ears, so they don’t see and hear Ray getting killed.


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