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This was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE movie!  It is really really NOT appropriate for people of any ages in my opinion.  The violence was over the top gratuitous, including violence involving a child, a rape attempt and shooting of a pregnant woman and a pretty graphic depiction of President Kennedy’s assasination.  There may have been more but I walked out 45 minutes before the end of the movie and seriously wanted to throw up.  None of the characters were sympathetic so that the hour and a half I did see, I didn’t much care about anyone.  The plot was all over the place but I’ve been told it comes together in the end.  I wanted to scrub my brain afterwards and ask for that hour and a half of my life back.  Very disturbing.


Please don’t be fooled by the “superhero” comic book thing and make the mistake of taking your children really of any age.  I personally don’t think it’s appropiate for humans.   I don’t know when I have ever seen a movie that actually made me angry all the way into the next day.

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  1. Comment by coffee

    this movie is loaded with everything that could make it R, even R+

  2. Comment by erebus2000714

    It wasn’t that bad, there are movies that are a whole lot worse. Don’t call the movie horrible because for the violence, it is rated R remember.

  3. Comment by KellyJo

    Actually, I don’t have anything against R rated movies for adults. But this one, in my opinion was HORRIBLE. If you had replaced the violence with that level of sex, it would have been X rated. And not of the “soft” variety. I am sure that there are movies that are much worse, however I have not seen them (well 300 was just almost just as bad, violence wise). What does this say about us as a society if this is what we put forth as art and entertainment? So, I can and do call this particular movie, even though it was R rated-HORRIBLE.

  4. Comment by Bo

    Really? You left the movie because u thought it was to violent. Man u need to grow a pair and 300 was just as good of a movie.

  5. Comment by Jaz

    If the movie is too much for you than obviously you are not socially aware enough. I agree that the movie is not designed to be watched by children (the exception would be ones over the age of 14-15 who are MATURE and can handle the intense scenes). There was so much symbolisim and emotion in that movie that is only mean’t for adult viewers and it is a shame that you put it down in such a manner. However, I guess only particular people can handle this sort of film.

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