Tranformers/Tranformers 2

   A Parental Review of "Tranformers/Tranformers 2" for Concerned Parents:
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This will review both movies because the review, in terms of view-ability by children, is the same for both movies. These movies are definitely movies that a parent who grew up in the 80’s would consider bringing their kids to see. We grew up on the Transformers! So what could be more fun than passing along the legacy. Unfortunately, while the movie does not disappoint with effects, original Transformer lingo, and the nostalgic use of the theme song, it is most definitely not child-appropriate. The movie is full of violence, strong language, and strong adult content. Flagrant sexuality is also flaunted throughout.


There are many scenes using explosives, and depicting violence against both humans and the Transformers. Definitely more violent than the cartoons that we are used to. While I think that this movie is a fantastic homage to those of us adults who grew up on the series, I highly recommend saving it for when the kids are older.

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