A Parental Review of "Up" for Concerned Parents:
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I really loved Up, as a movie for both children and adults. Up did not disappoint with offering both comedy for children, as well as some comedic bits thrown in for adults. As with many children’s movies, this movie offered quite a few life lessons hidden within the plot. Being an animal lover, I particularly appreciated the fact that several of these messages were geared to kindness and respect towards animals.


The Up writers did a great job of depicting adult situations in a subtle manner that helped them convey the story effectively, but without being so overt that they may raise specific questions from a child that a parent may not yet be ready to address. For example, a short montage was used to show that a couple in the story was unable to have a baby, but they did it in such a subtle way that it would be very easy to just gleam it off with a simple answer. There are a few scenes with some mean dogs, so if your child has a particularly sensitive fear of dogs, that may upset them a bit. Overall, though, the contents of this movie is very benign and it carries an uplifting story that is sure to be enjoyed by both child and adults.

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